WealthBriefing now publishes three indispensable quality assured guides on the important and lucrative SFO market in partnership with specialist research company Highworth Research.

Representing the investments of the wealthiest families globally, SFOs are growing in number and represent assets under management in the $ trillions.  Yet most SFOs stay under the radar and access to them is very restricted.



We offer access to the database via three online publications, each updated and expanded daily:

Which types of single family offices are included?

  • Family offices, also known as private investment offices, for an individual or a single family with AuM ranging from $50 million to over $25 billion
  • Sovereign family offices for a member of a ruling family of certain countries
  • Family-owned investment companies, the role of which is to invest in a range of enterprises as well as in the capital markets
  • A small number of “double-single” family offices where two families have partnered to form a joint family office which is closed to other families

What data is included on each family office?

  • Identity of the SFOincluding address, phone website, company email (if available). Identity of the family
  • AuM ranging from $50 million to over $25 billion, classified into 10 bands
  • Analytical description of the SFO. Source of wealth, current operating company/companies – market caps of those companies if listed and percentage of family shareholdings
  • Role of the family office. Investment strategies, asset allocation and portfolio sample holdings
  • SFO personnel by name, job positionPersonnel are classified into 29 job types, the majority related to the investment management of a specific asset class. Email and/or direct phone if available, if not, company phone. Summary biography of personnel if available (subject to GDPR compliance)
  • Asset allocations

The asset class is indicated to which each SFO selectively allocates. The range of options includes:

– Money market funds

– Multi-asset class investments

– Fixed income (17 types of Fixed Income investments)

– Equities (21 classifications of Equities)

– Alternatives (18 types of Alternatives)

  • Family’s Private Foundation

Philanthropy from the UHNW community is growing fast. Capital allocated to philanthropy is capital that has to be investment-managed as well as donated. Where a family has a private foundation, we publish data as follows:

– Name of family’s foundation, address, phone number, website, email (if available), summary of principal aims of foundation, income & expenditure (if available), foundation director contact details.

“At least $1.5trn is sitting in foundations around the world.” Financial Times, Nov. 2018


What is the Format of the WealthBriefing SFO Databases?

Daily Updates & Additions to the SFO Database

  • Daily updates & amendments to executive contacts, location moves, major investment initiatives, deals
  • Additional SFOs are added weekly from the Highworth Research SFO Databank. Subscribers receive every week a guaranteed minimum number of further SFOs which are added to the core number already on the SFO Database.
  • Weekly Newsletter alerts subscribers to the SFOs added to the Database that week, and to the key updates for SFOs currently on the Database.

Fully searchable online database

WealthBriefing’s Single Family Offices Database offers powerful search filters which are simple and intuitive to use. No training is needed.

  • Search and select single family offices by multiple criteria.
  • Search and select executive contacts by multiple criteria.
  • Build customised reports to suit your specific requirements.
  • Export search results to Excel for follow-up action.
  • Download PDFs of family office profiles & contacts.
  • Bookmark searches for later follow-up.

Search options include:

  • Search for a family office by name.
  • Search for a family office by name of family.
  • Search for family offices in 55 countries outside the USA.
  • Search for family offices by 11 ranges of assets under management from $50 million to over $25 billion.
  • Search for personnel within family offices by 30 job types, most related to investment management of a particular asset class.
  • Search only for personnel with email addresses.
  • Search for family offices by the asset classes in which they invest.
  • Search for family offices by the business sectors in which they invest.
  • Each search result can be bookmarked, & exported to Excel.


Examples of typical searches

  • Find the profile & contact details of a SFO.
  • With which SFO is the family connected & how did their wealth originate?
  • Select SFOs in France & Belgium with AuM between $100 million and $10 billion.
  • Select Chief Executives, Chief Investment Officers & Investment Managers responsible for Equities and for Hedge Funds in SFOs  in Canada, Mexico, Chile and Brazil with AuM greater than $100 million which allocate to US Equities & to Hedge Funds.
  • Select Chief Executives, Chief Investment Officers, & Private Equity Portfolio Managers in SFOs in Germany, Switzerland and Austria with AuM in the ranges $500 million to $15 billion which allocate capital to Private Equity.
  • Select Chief Investment Officers and investment managers responsible for Hedge Funds in SFOs in UK, Finland. Sweden, Denmark & Norway with AuM between $50 million and $10 billion which allocate to Hedge Funds.
  • Select Managing Directors, Chief Investment Officers, and Investment Managers for Real Estate in SFOs in Hong Kong, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Qatar with AuM between $100 million and $15 billion which allocate to Commercial or Residential Real Estate or Real Estate Funds.
  • Select CEOs, Chief Investment Officers & Venture Capital Investment Managers in SFOs throughout Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA) with AuM between $100 million and $15 billion which allocate to Venture Capital.


WealthBriefing’s Single Family Offices Database – which type of company benefits?

  • Asset Managers seeking investment mandates from owners of substantial private capital.
  • Private equity or VC companies seeking limited partners and fund investors.
  • Hedge funds seeking client investors.
  • Private banks seeking to grow their client numbers in the UHNW & SFO segment.
  • Investment banks seeking to advise family offices on M&A, divesting family businesses, or raising equity or debt capital.
  • Growing companies seeking investment from private capital sources.
  • Financial institutions seeking data which may contribute additional background for KYC risk assessments.


Select Family Office Databases by region:

WealthBriefing’s Global Single Family Offices ex-USA

This database provides detailed profiles of over 1,150 Single family Offices in 55 countries outside the USA delivered through an annual subscription.

WealthBriefing’s Single Family Offices in EMEA

This contains detailed profiles of over 900 Single Family Offices in Europe, Middle East & Africa delivered through an annual subscription.

WealthBriefing’s Single Family Offices in Asia Pacific

This contains detailed profiles of 200 single family offices in the APAC region delivered through an annual subscription.

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About the Research Company: Who are Highworth Research?

Highworth Research was founded in 2007 in London to provide market intelligence on the global wealth management industry.

Whilst partnering with WealthBriefing in 2009 Highworth was a pioneer in publishing the online International Wealth Management Industry Database, which provided detailed profiles, frequently updated, on several thousand family offices and private banks globally.

Clients included top tier private banks and asset managers principally in Europe and the USA.

From 2011 to early 2018 Highworth was contracted to provide data to S&P Global on family offices and private banks outside the USA.

From 2019 Highworth Research resumed independent online publication of data on single family offices globally.

The research team

Highworth Research has 14 years of experience in the identification and profiling of single and multi-family offices globally.

During this time the Highworth team of researchers and editors has built up substantial experience and knowledge of the family office community globally. Our Editors & Analysts are all graduates, with backgrounds in bi-lingual international corporate research, private banking, university business studies teaching & research, and financial journalism.


Alastair Graham is the founder and Managing Director of Highworth Research. His early career included three years with the Financial Times.

He then co-founded the business & legal publisher Graham & Trotman which was acquired by Wolters Kluwer NV, the Dutch media multinational, where he worked for nine years. He then co-founded Graham & Whiteside, a publisher of data on over 100,000 listed and private companies globally, which was later acquired by The Thomson Corporation, later Thomson Reuters, where he worked for two years.

Subsequently he founded two law publishing companies, one later acquired by Oxford University Press, the other by Thomson Reuters. In 2007 he founded Highworth Research.