Following on from the enormous success of WealthBriefing’s Investment Strategy Summit we are delighted to announce the 2nd WealthBriefing Investment Strategy Summit, taking place on Thursday 21st April in London.

The WealthBriefing Investment Strategy Summit will provide delegates with the opportunity to attend two specialist panels, including a Q&A session with some of the industry’s top chief investment officers, as well as fund manager presentations ranging from investing in frontier markets to alternative investments.


Panel 1: Investing in a Low Return Environment Investors have for some time been warned that they face years of low, single-digit returns, forcing them to move into riskier assets to achieve their goals. How can wealth managers handle expectations and protect assets in such an environment? How can such asset allocation and money management be handled efficiently and for the lowest possible cost? The toolkit available for professional investors, thanks to developments in areas such as index funds, has never been wider but negotiating the terrain remains challenging.
  • The panel will address topics including the following: How to manage and if necessary change client expectations in a low-return setting
  • What sort of options are available for investors who are concerned about risk
  • The importance of taking a complete balance sheet approach to a client – understanding the liabilities as well as the assets
  • Why it is important to obtain the clearest possible understanding of a client’s time horizon when setting investment goals
  • The critical importance of asset allocation and how to achieve this as efficiently as possible by low-cost structures
  • Achieving best practice in client reporting over portfolio performance and risk
  • Ensuring investment suitability is attained when there is high pressure to maximise returns.
  Panel 2: Emerging and frontier markets - the risks are worth taking for those with the right approach. With emerging markets, and the Asia region, feeling the pinch from a decelerating Chinese economy, how should investors consider the opportunities still available in Vietnam? What sort of diversification benefits does investing in the country provide and what are the main challenges that investors should consider? The panel will discuss:
  • A macro-economic overview on Asian emerging markets: performance, volatility, and their place within a balanced portfolio
  • Due diligence, risk and pre-requisites for investing
  • Vietnam case study: examples from the front line
  • Investment opportunities in unique growth markets
  Panel 3: Taking the Macro View: Investment trends, challenges – and election risks For investment managers wondering how best to position their portfolios, there are plenty of “known risks” to consider in coming months, with two events in particular – the UK vote on possible exit from the European Union on 23 June and the US Presidential elections on 8 November. In considering market scenarios and the most sensible posture to take, should such events be taken into account? How can managers capture the potential benefits of mispriced assets in such an environment? This panel will feature investment professionals with a strong “macro” approach to the field. The panel will address the following areas:
  • The sort of asset allocation philosophy makes the most sense in the current environment.
  • How much danger is there of missing out on opportunities because of a current air of pessimism and worry about geopolitical trends.
  • In what ways wealth managers should position for either a “Brexit” vote or a decision by UK voters to remain in the EU. A discussion of what Brexit could do to the eurozone and wider global economy.
  • China – how should the macro view of investment should be informed by China.
  • Looking at the kind of “trigger points” worth considering in knowing as and when to enter a new investment or exit an old one. A discussion of what early indicators to monitor.
  • Central banks’ monetary tools aren’t as effective as they used to be, it seems – should macro managers pay less heed to central banks anyway?


Date and Time

Date: Thursday 21st April - 2016
Time: 8:15 am – 2:00 pm


ETC Venue – Monument

Address: 8 Eastcheap, London EC3M 1AE

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Andrew Lister

Senior Investment Manager

Aberdeen Asset Management

Andrew has been investing in emerging and frontier markets for fifteen years. The majority of his career was spent at Advance Emerging Capital, where he latterly held the role of Co-Chief […]

Bill O’Neill

Head of UK Investment Office

UBS Wealth Management

Bill O’Neill leads the UBS Investment Office in the UK. In this capacity, he both provides UK specific macroeconomic and investment content to the UBS Global Chief Investment Office, and […]

David Horner

Managing Director

Chelverton Asset Management

David is an acclaimed fund manager, specialising in small and mid-cap quoted investment and SME unquoted investment. He has 30 years’ experience in corporate finance assignments, identifying, structuring and managing […]

Dimitris Melas

Managing Director and Global Head of Equity Research


As Managing Director & Global Head of Equity Research, Dimitris and his team are responsible for all research efforts to enhance existing MSCI indexes and to develop new index methodologies. […]

Dominic Scriven

Chief Executive

Dragon Capital

Dominic’s 30 years of investing have ranged from London to Hong Kong, but have been concentrated in Vietnam. He studied at Hanoi General University for two years before founding Dragon […]

Dr Peter Westaway

Chief Economist Europe


Dr Peter Westaway is Vanguard’s Chief European Economist, and was previously Chief European Economist for Nomura International and senior research adviser for the Bank of England. He holds a PhD […]

Eoin Fahy

Investment Strategist

Kleinwort Benson Investors

Eoin joined the firm in 1988 and has responsibility for economic research, investment strategy and ESG policy.  He graduated from University College Dublin with a BA (Hons) in Economics.  He […]

Hugh Hendry

Founding Partner and CIO

Eclectica Asset Management

Hugh is the principal portfolio manager of Eclectica Asset Management and leads both the investment thinking and research teams.  He has over 20 years’ investment experience with Baillie Gifford, Credit […]

Ian Beattie

Managing Partner & Co-Chief Investment Officer

NS Partners

Ian joined the firm in 1996.  He began his career at Royal Insurance as an Asian equity fund manager.  Ian became Head of the Asia ex Japan desk in 1997, […]

Ian Morley


Wentworth Hall Consultancy

Ian Morley is a successful business angel and entrepreneur. He is the author of Morley’s Laws of Business and Fund Management and one of the leading global figures and pioneers […]

Marc Giesbrecht

Head of European Portfolio Management

Lombard Odier

Marc Giesbrecht joined Lombard Odier London in 2014 to lead its UK discretionary management business. In 2015 Marc took on the role of Head of Portfolio Management Europe and sits […]

Margie Lindsay


Alpha Journal

Margie Lindsay began her journalistic career at the Financial Times writing about business, finance and economic issues primarily concerning the still then communist countries of Eastern Europe, following the region […]

Nicholas Paris

Director, Portfolio Manager

LIM Advisors

Nicholas Paris is the managing director of this subsidiary of LIM Advisors, a Hong Kong-based Asian-focused multi-strategy hedge fund. In his role as portfolio manager, Nicholas is responsible for making […]

Roger Jones

Equity Fund Manager

London & Capital

Roger is responsible for the portfolio construction and stock selections for London and Capital Equity Solutions and Equity Funds. Roger has 15 years equity fund management experience co-managing pan-European equity […]

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Stephen Harris is chief executive of ClearView Financial Media, publisher of global wealth management news sites WealthBriefing, Family Wealth Report and WealthBriefingAsia; as well as compliance, tax and remuneration-centred Compliance […]

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Group Editor

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