WealthBriefing and Appway, the client onboarding technology specialist, invite you to attend an exciting series of thought-leadership events tackling one of the wealth management industry’s most pressing issues today: how to wring business benefits from the increasingly costly and onerous compliance burden.

The events will mark the launch of a new research report investigating current client onboarding practices among US and European wealth managers. The findings of a wide-ranging survey of front-line professionals will be discussed in the report, along with best practice insights from senior industry executives and consultants internationally.

Client onboarding is often thought of as the last frontier in the digitisation of wealth management, but now a range of drivers are pushing firms to seek slicker, more efficient onboarding processes – ones which generate a real return on investment and help them capture competitive advantage from compliance.

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Jacob Gertel

Senior Project Manager, Legal & Compliance Data

Six Financial Information

Jacob Gertel is senior project manager for legal & compliance data at SIX Financial Information, a role he has held since 2011. In this role, he is responsible for analysing […]

Joseph Koenig

Product Manager

Swiss Post

Joseph Koenig holds a master of science in mechanics and has held various positions in product management and business development in the automotive sector in Germany and France. He joined […]

Pascal Leu

Business Unit Manager

Swiss Post

Pascal Leu has extensive experience as a product manager, systems engineer and customer relationship manager. He has held positions in the IT departments of Genotec AG, Adobe Systems, and green.ch. […]

Philipp Rickert

Head of Financial Services


Philipp Rickert joined KPMG Switzerland in 1996 and has been serving financial institutions as a banking expert in the country, across Europe and in the US ever since; he became […]

René Hürlimann

Director EMEA & APAC


René is responsible for executing Appway’s expansion strategy within key market regions. René provides local support for international clients establishes a sustainable regional presence that can act independently in its […]


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