The Ten Domains Model One Year Later: Deepening the Conversation

One year ago, the Ten Domains Model was rolled out as the first major initiative of the UHNW Institute. It organized the area of UHNW family wealth in a ground -breaking way after months of collaboration and fine-tuning. The past year has focused on developing and disseminating the model, supported by the domain chairs and a broad marketing campaign bringing attention to the Institute. This event draws together the collective wisdom of the Institute’s faculty, leadership, and members to learn more about, discuss, and expand on the Ten Domains model through active discussion and engagement. Ideas, questions, concerns, and opportunities will all be explored. The event will truly fulfil one of the missions of the Institute – to be a think tank engaged in learning and leadership.



The 10 Domains of Family Wealth represents an important conceptual framework for understanding the issues facing ultra-high-net-worth (UHNW) families, including the skills required to serve their needs. The 10 Domains model recognizes that comprehensive UHNW wealth management extends far beyond the realm of investments, taxation, risk management, and legal matters alone. The model highlights the full range of skills and services needed to help financially successful families prosper. It recognizes the contributions of family governance, leadership development, family dynamics, development of the next generation, health matters, and philanthropy in implementing and transferring wealth across generations. Importantly, the model underscores that the competencies in the advisor-client relationship are a central, unifying domain integrating all the other factors.


Tuesday 8 June 2021


10:00 am EST Welcome & Introduction

Steve Prostano, Founder, The UHNW Institute/Partner, PKF O’Connor Davies Family Office

10:10 am EST  The Ten Domains of Family Wealth – The First Year
A review of how the ultra-high-net-worth community is embracing this new and comprehensive framework that addresses wealth creation and stewardship, cultivation of family capital, human advancement, and the advisor-client relationship.

Moderator: Jim Grubman, Family Wealth Consultant/Educator

Follow-on topical sessions:

  • Wealth Creation and Stewardship: Integrated Financial Management; Estate Planning and Legal Issues; Risk Management


    • Tom McCullough (Finance), Chairman, CEO, and Co-Founder, Northwood Family Office
    • Kim Kamin (Legal), Principal and Chief Wealth Strategist, Gresham Partners
    • Linda Bourn (Risk), National Director Family Enterprise Risk Practice, Alliant Private Client


  • Cultivation of Family Capital: Governance and Decision-Making; Leadership and Transition Planning; Learning, Development & The Rising Generation


    • Stacy Allred (Leadership), Managing Director, First Republic Investment Management
    • Dennis Jaffe (Governance), Senior Research Fellow, BanyanGlobal Family Business Advisors
    • Kathy Lintz (Learning and Development), Partner & Managing Member, Matter Family Office


  • Human Advancement: Social Impact & Philanthropy; Health & Well-Being; Family Dynamics


    • Jill Shipley (Family Dynamics), Managing Director and Head of Governance and Education, Tiedemann Advisors
    • Susan Winer (Philanthropy), COO, Strategic Philanthropy


  • Advisor-Client Relationship – Facilitator
    • Jim Grubman, Family Wealth Consultant/Educator

11:55 am EST Panel discussion: Family Offices – Challenges and Developments
Stories from the field that discuss the evolution of the single-family office and explore the ways families and the executives leading their offices can embrace change to deal with today’s challenges and serve future generations.

Moderator: Bill Woodson, Executive Vice President, Head of Wealth Advisory and Family Office Services, Boston Private

  • Michelle Clements, President, Synergy Trust Partners
  • Dennis Jaffe, Senior Research Fellow, Banyan Global Family Business Advisors
  • Tom Handler, Chairman, Advanced Planning and Family Office Group, Handler Thayer
  • Barbara Hauser, International Family Governance | Global Speaker & Workshops | Family Offices | Boards
  • Linda Mack, Founder and President, Mack International, LLC

12:55 pm EST Close


Wednesday 9 June 2021


10:00 am EST Welcome & Introduction

10:05 am EST Panel discussion: The Promise, Perils, and Path to Truly Integrated Wealth Management: What Works?
A conversation that introduces the concept of integrated wealth management and highlights: its top components, deliverables expected by clients, generational issues to consider when setting client expectations, overcoming business challenges when delivering integrated wealth management, untapped opportunities

Moderator: Joe Calabrese, COO, Wealth Management at KeyBank

  • Keith Lender, President, Baldwin Street Management
  • Tom McCullough, Chairman, CEO, and Co-Founder, Northwood Family Office
  • Tania Neild, CTO and Owner, InfoGrate
  • Allan Zachariah, Co-CEO and Advisor to Families of Significant Wealth, Pathstone

11:25 am EST Break

11:35 am EST Panel discussion: Looking Ahead: Serving the UHNW Family of the Future
Best practices delivering wealth management in the future in light of Changing demographics, Client expectations, Regulations, Evolving business models

Moderator: Jim Grubman, Family Wealth Consultant/Educator

  • Andrea Ayres, Director, Family Office at Brown Advisory
  • Michelle Clements, President, Synergy Trust Partners
  • Steve Prostano, Partner, Head of Family Advisory Services at PKF O’Connor Davies
  • Greg Rogers, Founder & Managing Partner, RayLign

12:35 pm EST Summit close


Date and Time

Tuesday 8th June, 2021 - to Wednesday 9th June, 2021 -



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Speakers’ Chair

Stephen Harris

Stephen Harris


ClearView Financial Media


Stephen Prostano

Stephen Prostano


UHNW Institute



Stacy Allred

Managing Director

First Republic Investment Management


Andrea Ayres

Director, Family Office

Brown Advisory


Linda Bourn

Risk Management for Family Enterprises

Alliant Private Client


Joe Calabrese


Wealth Management at KeyBank


Michelle Clements


Synergy Trust Partners


Jim Grubman

Family Wealth Consultant/Educator


Thomas J. Handler


Handler Thayer


Barbara R. Hauser

International Family Governance | Global Speaker & Workshops | Family Offices | Boards


Dennis Jaffe

Senior Research Fellow

BanyanGlobal Family Business Advisors


Kim Kamin

Principal and Chief Wealth Strategist

Gresham Partners LLC


Keith Lender


M&M Investments


Kathy Lintz

Partner and Managing Member

Matter Family Office


Linda Mack

Founder and President

Mack International


Tom McCullough

Chairman, CEO, and Co-Founder

Northwood Family Office


Tania Neild

CTO and Owner



Gregory T. Rogers

Founder and Managing Partner



Jill Shipley

Managing Director and Head of Governance and Education

Tiedemann Advisors


Susan Winer


Strategic Philanthropy


Bill Woodson

Executive Vice President

Boston Private


Allan Zachariah

Co-CEO and Advisor to Families of Significant Wealth





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