International Wealth Planning and Tax Structuring Guide


Drawing together the extensive expertise of the senior lawyers at international law firm Baker & McKenzie and quality contributing law firms, The International Wealth Planning and Tax Structuring Guide, a joint publication of ClearView Financial Media Ltd and LawInContext Pte Ltd, gives in-depth, yet clear and concise guidance on 51 major onshore jurisdictions.

Now in its third year, the guide has been compiled to help busy wealth managers maximise their time, allowing them to easily maintain the cutting-edge expertise clients rightly expect.

This invaluable resource covers need-to-know wealth planning topics and developments in areas ranging from the characteristics of individual tax regimes to the possible consequences of immigration. Fiduciary issues, business succession, family law and foreign investment – a wealth of knowledge, and all in just 328 pages.

Authors: Attorneys from Baker & McKenzie and Quality Contributing Law Firms

Publisher: ClearView Financial Media Ltd (Publishers of and LawInContext Pte Ltd (

Rate in Sterling: £495.00

Format: Printed A4

Publication Date: February 2014

Coverage: Fifty-one onshore jurisdictions are covered. Each chapter deals with the following areas:

General Tax Issues & Tax Planning Wealth Planning Issues & Techniques Immigration & Expatriation
Tax Residence Definition Foreign Investment Pre-Immigration Planning
Taxation of Resident Individuals Political Risk Mobility Planning – Generally
Taxation of Non-resident Individuals Currency & Exchange Controls Mobility Planning – Trailing Residency/Domicile
Retirement Assets Succession Law Exit/Expatriation Tax
Business Income Forced Heirship
Gift & Inheritance Taxation Forced Heirship Planning Family Law
Gift & Inheritance Tax Planning Wills Marital Property
Wealth Taxation Asset Protection Divorce
Wealth Tax Planning Asset Protection Planning Adoption
Tax Treaties Use of Trusts  
Controlled Foreign Corporations Usufruct
Anti-Avoidance Rules Life Insurance Strategies
Tax Planning – Trusts Business Succession
Tax Planning – Companies Use of Offshore Companies
Tax Planning – Partnerships
Tax Planning – Partnerships
Charitable Planning
Undeclared Funds & Tax Regularization

Countries Covered

Angola France Romania
Argentina Germany Russia
Australia Greece Singapore
Austria Hong Kong Slovak Republic
Bahamas Hungary South Africa
Belgium India Spain
Bermuda Israel Sweden
Brazil Italy Switzerland
British Virgin Islands Latvia Taiwan
Canada Liechtenstein Thailand
Cayman Islands Luxembourg Turkey
China Malta Ukraine
Columbia Mexico United Kingdom
Cyprus Netherlands United States of America
Czech Republic New Zealand Uruguay
Denmark Norway Venezuela
Finland Portugal Vietnam