London Breakfast Briefing: Enhanced Data Management – The New Determiner of Success for Wealth and Asset Managers?


Enhanced data strategies are top of the agenda as regulators ask institutions to store more and more information on clients, costs, products and how business has been conducted. Yet better ways to gather, store and manage data from a huge range of sources is about more than avoiding censure: firms are increasingly waking up to the multiplicity of benefits better data management can bring, from improved investment performance and client outcomes to reduced risk to the business and operational efficiencies.

This wide-ranging thought-leadership event will examine the whole wealth management piece through the lens of modern data strategies, encompassing portfolio management, back-office administration, client records, marketing and more to point the way forward for firms seeking to actually use data, rather than merely having it. This is an unmissable event for institutions looking to turn data into actionable intelligence and get commercial benefit from information that is all too often siloed, unusable or even lost altogether.

Topics for discussion will include:
· The data management requirements contained within new (or tightened) regulations like MiFID II
· How firms can ensure they are evidencing suitability rigorously and efficiently
· How better data management can enhance investment performance and lead to better client outcomes
· The ways business risk can be mitigated through better use of data
· What the pillars of a good Management Information approach are, and how that data can fuel business growth


8:15am – 9:00am: Registration

9:00am – 10:30am: Panel discussion

10:30am – 11:00am: Networking


Date and Time

Date: Tuesday 25th April • 2017
Time: 8:15 am – 11:00 am


Carlton Club

Address: 69 St James's Street, London, SW1A 1PJ

Telephone: +44(0) 020 7493 1164


Greg B Davies



Greg is an expert in applied decision science and behavioural finance, turning academic insight into practical applications.

In April 2016 he founded Centapse, a firm dedicated to applying sophisticated behavioural insight to design, develop, and deploy solutions across industry to help people (and organisations) make better decisions.

Greg started, and for a decade built and led, the banking world’s first behavioural finance team as Head of Behavioural-Quant Finance at Barclays. He was the architect of Barclays’ behavioural profiling tools and holistic Wealth Philosophy, delivering solutions tailored to both financial and emotional investment needs; and he designed Barclays’ innovative behavioural approach to impact investing and philanthropy.

He holds a PhD in Behavioural Decision Theory from Cambridge; is an Associate Fellow at Oxford’s Saïd Business School; a lecturer at Imperial College London; and author of Behavioral Investment Management.

Greg is also the creator of Open Outcry, a ‘reality opera’ premiered in London in 2012, creating live performance from a functioning trading floor.

Jean-Philippe Bersier

Director of Business Development

ERI Banking Software

Jean-Philippe Bersier is a long term career professional within the software and IT services business having held senior management positions for large prestigious international & Swiss companies. He has more than 15 years of experience in sales and consulting for large IT projects in the banking sector.

Jean-Philippe Bersier has joined ERI Bancaire in 2002 as Business Development Director. He is in charge of the development of new markets and the management of the sales team. Before joining ERI Bancaire, Mr Bersier was Sales Director for the Financial Markets Division at Cap Gemini Ernst & Young, Switzerland. He successively worked at Siemens Switzerland before accepting the position of Sales & Marketing Manager at Unicible (acquired by IBM). Mr Bersier holds a MBA in Economics from University of Lausanne (HEC).


Wendy Spires

Head of Research

ClearView Financial Media

Wendy has been a wealth management journalist and research writer for eight years, covering a variety of international markets and sub-sectors over that time. She has written an array of in-depth reports on issues affecting private banks and wealth managers, including fintech innovation and implementation, client experience enhancement, branding and marketing strategy, and risk-profiling methodologies.

As well as speaking at conferences in both the UK and abroad, Wendy also regularly consults on strategic and communications issues related to the wealth and asset management market. She carries out research projects among HNW clients, for both internal and external purposes.