Family Wealth Report Investment Summit: From Values to Value Creation – New York


Harnessing the Power of Impact Investing for Multi-Generational Families

Our 2016 Asset Allocation Summit gave guidance on how to steer families through tides of low returns, but this year we address an evolution in investment thinking which is nothing less than a sea-change.

UHNW families have always acted in the full knowledge of the huge power of private capital to effect positive change, but growing momentum has now brought Impact investing right to the top of the advice agenda. Financial returns naturally remain imperative, but families – and the institutions they stand behind – are increasingly active, and even activist, in the way they deploy their wealth.

Many wish to see their financial and non-financial objectives ever more tightly aligned, but helping families on their journey from values to value creation is a highly complex task.

Join us to discuss vital questions like “Where should Impact ‘sit’ amid broader strategy?”, “What are the key elements in the Impact ‘toolbox’?” and “How do I as an advisor deliver the right insight and expertise?


Discussions will include:

  • Preparing for Impact: The Role of Advisors in Ensuring that Impact Really Delivers
  • An Inter-Generational Conversation: Blending Financial and Non-Financial Investment Aims to Foster Fruitful Discussions
  • Impact in Action: The Challenges of Translating Principles into Investment Practice
  • Screens, Privates and Crowds: Emerging Avenues for Impact Investing
  • Changes to Estate and Capital Gains Tax: Harnessing Impact for Gifting Strategies
  • Families with a Cause: Activism Redefined
  • Plus multiple presentations throughout the day


Date and Time

Date: Wednesday 11th October • 2017
Time: 8:00 am – 6:00 pm



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